2016 The End Movie Review

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Story: Four friends come upon the secret knowledge that the world is going to end in seven days and set off on a road trip to enjoy the few days they have left to live.

: What if you end up with a bag full of cash, a swanky four-door convertible and with the knowledge that the world as you know, will end in a week? Sunny (Divyendu Sharma), Assi (Kiku Sharda), Rahul (Harshad Chopra) and Priya (Priya Banerjee) are four friends living a dull life in a small town. Rahul is a rich kid whom no one at home cares for. Assi’s real name is Aseemananda, who is set to inherit his father’s multi-crore business as a god man, but he can’t get to spend even a penny of it to buy a juicy chicken burger. Priya is stuck in a job she hates with a lecherous boss, while Sunny is a middle-class boy, perpetually scamming his father for pocket money. The four bump into an astronomer one night (Tom Alter) who takes them to his ramshackle lab and shows them how an asteroid is going to strike the earth and the world is going to end in seven days. Soon after, he dies and the police think the four have done it. Somehow, the friends end up with a car with its boot full of money and decide to take a road-trip to Goa. The money belongs to the dreaded don (Rahul Roy) and now it seems that their lives will end before the world does.

An apocalyptic, goofball comedy, ‘2016 The End’ is one of those movies you cannot take seriously for a second. It has its funny moments but they are few and far between. The scenes between Sunny and his father are especially hilarious because of the ingenious ways that he cons his dad for money. The sequence where the portly Assi ends up in masochistic romp with an ageing queen is fun to watch and is possibly the funniest part of the film. The late Tom Alter’s performance as the mad genius is a delight. His presence elevates every scene he is a part of. Rahul Roy as the suave drug lord has a very small role, but he plays it well.

The music is strictly average. The movie could have been shorter and the edit crispier. While there are some moments that do take you by surprise, the preachy slant it takes during the climax makes you long for the moment you can see ‘The End’ flash on screen!

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